Outside Lands - Future Powers of The Trust

Firstly the Trustees would like to thank everyone in the wider community of Guilsfield and the users of the facilities, both indoors and out, for engaging in and supporting the recent Public Consultation with regard to regularisation of the ownership and management of the "Outside Lands" by the Trust. Your efforts are very much appreciated. 

Details of the consultation process and the issues can be found here.

The outcome of the process was very encouraging as were the meetings with both the public and key interested groups by Zoom. Those discussions also helped to form our thoughts about how things need to move ahead in future.

The support for the proposed changes to the Trust to regularise the outside lands was overwhelmingly positive (98.9% of respondents were in favour of the proposals)

BUT we really need to caution patience now because control of the timescale moves out of our control and the following steps now take place.

1./ The Trustees have unanimously agreed to proceed with application to the Charity Commission to change / amend the necessary Trust documents. The initial application has been prepared and submitted.

2./ We are now in the hands of the Charity Commission and it may be necessary to also involve Powys County Council and / or Guilsfield County Council in the process.

3./ In the interim it is unfortunate that the current ad hoc arrangements for users of the Outside Lands will continue.

4./ We have to then devise a structure of management for all the indoor and outdoor facilities based on the two management committees as outlined in the Public Consultation. We are already doing preparation work in anticipation of success with the Charity Commission BUT all the new arrangements MUST satisfy the requirements of the Trust Governing Documents and general obligations of charities. So there will need to be quite a lot of adjustment and rearrangement going forward.

5./ The Trustees anticipate this being completed in the first half of 2021, but it may be a lot longer.

You might be asking "What can my group / club / organisation do to help?" or at least we hope you are. In short we would like you to consider and encourage more people in your group to be involved in the appropriate management committees. The Trustees can't do this alone and wide involvement is essential to make these substantial community facilities thrive and grow like they could and should.

If you have questions, concerns, ideas, suggestions or want to be involved please contact any Trustee or contact the Secretary. 

Malcolm R Graham

Secretary / Trustee

3rd March 2021


01938 590615